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April 2019 - English Whisky

Updated: May 21, 2019

Following our trend of visiting the nations of the Patron Saint of that month, we looked closer to home in celebration of St George and tasted two different offerings from The English Whisky Company, plus an intriguing peated independent bottling.

Accompanied by a beautiful pottage stew made by Jonny, this would prove to be a wonderful evening of tasting.


1. Single Cask Release - Red Wine Cask Finish (St George's Distillery, Thetford)

  • 56.8% ABV

  • RRP: £75.00

This single-cask expression from The English Whisky Co. - bottled at cask strength (not something we have often tasted as a club) was very kindly offered up to the Ponderers by Eddie, who was advised to purchase it as an investment whisky, and was already increasing in value from purchase price. Finished in Portuguese Cabernet Sauvignon red wine casks giving a unique flavour which was very much enjoyed by the club. It has aromas of cherries and orange peel, woody spices and plenty of tangy wine notes throughout the nose.


2. Smokey (The English Whisky Company)

  • 43.0% ABV

  • RRP: £39.99

This is The English Whisky Co's smokey release that is part of their core offering. Peated to 45ppm, this has notes of vanilla, aniseed, ginger and of course, smoke. With smoke / peat being a very divisive taste, these tend to score lower amongst the club, 3 barrels for this one, but with some very high and very low votes in the range.


3. Sacred Peat (Sacred)

  • 48.0% ABV

  • RRP: £49.95

To create this rich, nutty single malt Sacred have brought English whisky to London and moved it from its original bourbon barrels to hogsheads which previously contained Pedro Ximenez sherry. The result of this sherry finish is a five-year-old with notes of rich Christmas cake and clove, alongside the notable peat smoke and sea salt characteristics. Again for a smokey / peated whisky it creates discussion, but the sweeter undertones meant this was the preferred dram out of the two smokey numbers for the evening.


As always a fantastic evening, enjoyed by all!

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